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My favorite toy! So thick, so much fun! Hubby went on a gif making binge when he had some spare time.

I am getting close to 15k followers! I think maybe I will do a request for that event! Please send me what you’d like to see and I will pick from your suggestions for our next picture set or GIF set and hopefully post it for when I hit 15k!

Note: I don’t do anal, so don’t bother requesting that!

<3 Sonya



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No one defines you but you.  

By Artsy Artichoke

I loveeee this,

for the equality and for the false leg. 

Everyone deserves to be heard, 

no one should be defined by anyone but themselves.

And if that definition changes, so be it; 

but may it change only because of a change in their own life and not because of the pressure of outside forces or the ignorance of others. 

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